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Dried brewer’s yeast is based on Microbial protein- Saccharomyces cervisiae.

 Appearance- powder.

Method of drying- spray (this method lets avoid coagulation of protein).

Total solids- 92-94% .

Mass fraction of crude protein- more than 40%.

 Prepacking- big-bag of 1000 kg with polyethylene liner.


Thanks for its composition brewer’s fodder yeast is considered to be a high-priced feed ingredient which is used universally.

 Due to the fact that brewer’s fodder yeast contains a lot of protein, digestible amino acid and various minerals it is recommended to add to diet of all food-producing, domestic and exotic animals, especially, of young stock (piggery, calf, chicken and all species of small animals) and of animals after diseases.

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• Save poultry population 98-100%;

• Increase weight gain on 16,8%;

• Increase slaughter yield by 2%;

• Increase net energy value of broiler-chicken by 15,3 kcal;

• Increase concentration of free, non-replaceable and dispensable amino acids in blood serum of chicken by 1,26-1,66 mg %;

• Increase phosphorus content in blood serum of chicken by 4,8-2,4 %.

This data is confirmed by research of A.A. Fedosovoy Cand. Sc. (Moskow state institute of veterinary medicine and biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin).

Assignment of dose: 1% (10 kg/ton).

The same research was conducted by group of scientists from Institute of ecological problem and evolution named after A.N. Svercova of Russian Academia of Science. Zootechnical efficiency of dried brewer’s yeast using for poultry- broiler-chicken and egg-production chicken was also studied.

During the research the control group of chicken-broiler was fed by total mixed ration with soy bean meal and fish meal. In experienced group these components were partially replaced with dried brewer’s yeast. Adding of 3% and 5% dried brewer’s yeast to diet of broiler-chicken instead of soy bean meal and 4% dried brewer’s yeast instead of 1-2% fish meal and part of soy bean meal let save young stock at the level of97,1-100%. This is more than 2,9-5,8 comparing with control group.

Body weight of young stock from experienced groups exceeds this indicator of control group by 5,1-5,2%. Thanks for using of dried brewer’s yeast average daily weight of broiler-chickens’ body weight in experienced group was more than this indicator of control group by 4.7-5.3%. During all period of growing the cost of feed for 1 kg body weight gain of experienced group was less than 6,7-7,2% comparing with control group.

To sum up, it is recommended to feed broiler-chicken with dried brewer’s yeast as part of complete feed at a dose of 3-5% instead of protein vegetable feed and at a dose of 1-2% instead of fish meal.

It was found that it is possible to add dried brewer’s yeast to egg-production chicken diet at a dose of 2-4% instead of soy bean meal and fish meal. It results in high-efficiency and poultry surviving. Moreover chicken of experienced group eat up feed willingly that does not differ from control group.

Intensity of egg-laying qualities of experienced group was 89,6-90,6% that was more than 2,9-3,9 % of control group.

(Source of information: “Feed”, №7, 2012, I. Egorov, B. Rosanov Doctor of biological science, T. Egorova Master of agriculture, N. Yshakov Doctor of biological science, Institute of ecological and evolution problem named after A. N. Severcova Russian Academy of Science).


Results of scientific research on piggeries growing from 60 to 108 days show that using dried brewer’s yeast let:

• Increase average daily weight gain by 14,2%;

• Decrease feed consumption to 1 kg of weight gain by 12,8%.

Brewer’s yeast is recommended to add to feed for piggery growing from 60 to 120 days at a dose of 3,0%.

Detailed study of chemical, amino acid, mineral and vitaminic contain of brewer’s yeast in the test center of Russian scientific-research and technological institute of poultry breeding and in Russian Institute of animal industry show:

1. 1 kg of brewer’s yeast has vitamin B2 40 times more than hydrolized yeast, B3- 5 times more, B4- 4 times more, B5- 2,5 times more.

2. Brewer’s yeast has all vital amino acids, which are necessary for animal nutrition.

The efficiency of brewer’s yeast (autolizate) using for weight-talling of piggery was proved. Brewer’s yeast lets:

• Increase average daily weight gain on 18,4%;

• Increasy daily liveweight gain by 6,9 kg;

• Improve digestibility of nutrient on 2,39%;

• Increase digestibility of crude protein by 2,88%;

• Increase digestibility of crude fat by yelt by 1,26%;

• Increase digestibility of crude fiber by 9,88%;

• Improve digestibility nitrogen-free extractive substances on 0,92%;

• Improve usage of calcium;

• Improve usage of phosphorous on 2,92%;

• Increase forming of red blood cells by 6,2%.

It was found out that it is advisable to add brewer’s yeast to feed for tall-growing pigs at a dose of 5%.

There are a lot of scientific study on using of brewer’s yeast as a part of feed for completing of growing pigs, such as:

1. Mudirasov T. Autolizate of dried brewer’s yeast in animal diet/Russian Animal industry- 2009- №8- p.31. 2. Yahin A. Reserve of protein in swine rearing/ Feed.-2009.-№4.-p.58.


Usage of brewer’s yeast as a part of calf starter lets:

• Increase average daily gain of calf to 16,4% with increasing of feed conversion to 7,8%;

• Increase digestibility of such nutrients as:

      · Dry basis by 3,7%;

      · Organic matter by 3,7%;

      · Protein by 4,8%;

      · Fibre by 6,3%;

      · nitrogen-free extractive substances by 2,9%;

• Reduce net cost of gain to 6,2% and increase efficiency of growing by 7,1%;

• Improve usage of nitrogen on 5,3% and digested on 4,8.

This data is confirmed with scientific research which is done in department of animals and feed technology in Russian study-scientific research institute of animal industry of Russian agricultural science Academy.

There are a lot of scientific research on usage of brewer’s yeast in calf starter, such as: 

 1. Kirilov M. Calf starter with dried brewer’s yeast/ Dairy and beef breeding.-2010.-№2-p.22-24. 2.Zoteev S.V. Metabolism and productivity of calf while feeding of dried brewer’s yeast (autolizate)/ Scientific basis of animal industry.- 2009.-№65.- p.59-62.